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New Music

2016-01-11 03:28:46 by bloo-apple

I'm not approved to be seen under the audio portal yet, but I uploaded a ton of original music I created with my friend.  Enjoy.

My Brain:

Another Dimension:

Floating Away:

Medicine Man:


Voyage accross the starry Sea:

Let's Get High

2015-07-05 04:24:30 by bloo-apple

I was thinking of making a music video to this song me and my friend made.


New Music Game

2015-05-08 02:03:21 by bloo-apple

If you like Tetris, Mario, Kirby, Zelda, or Donkey Kong music

Then I got a flash you will love to play, use your cursor to avoid all the notes! Have Fun.

Droppin Beats Remix!

New Guitar Recording! Perfect Day.

2014-09-10 04:05:48 by bloo-apple

With Special Guest Edwin Perez playing the keyboard.

Matt Serur on Electric with that crazy tune.

and I am keeping rhythm on Acoustic.

Enjoy, and I've always liked feedback

Guitar Improv with me and my friend

Enjoy The Show!


Spooky Ghost Song

2014-07-24 14:19:44 by bloo-apple

I started making music and this is my newest edition to my song collection.  enjoy,

Tell me if you like it. *viewer discretion*  I take a shotgun to that ghost face.

Awesome Flash to Learn Guitar

2014-01-30 18:26:39 by bloo-apple

Master The Guitar












    For those inspiring to be guitar masters, I have a flash to help you master you're musical scales and modes and even master memorizing the fretboard.  It also has a bunch of other goodies if you give it a good look.  You can even compete for a highscore on the leaderboard.

    Master The Fretboard Pro

    2013-09-09 00:34:06 by bloo-apple
    I wanted to make something awesome for the musicians.

    So I made Master the Fretboard Pro. It's got a Quiz Mode to Learn the Fretboard, but it also has Jam Session! So you can Jam and learn you're scales and other modes.

    And it's not just for guitar, but any 4 - 8 stringed instrument!

    It's even got Note Quizes and a Metronome.

    Master The Fretboard Pro

    Just for you guys.

    Donkey Kong Edition! Droppin Beats 5!

    How bad can I be?

    2013-08-07 05:20:40 by bloo-apple

    How bad can I be? I'm just doing what comes naturally!

    About to upload a new game!
    Hope you're ready for it.